A modern management

Alessandra, Massimo and Roberto founders of the Association of Social promotion “Cascina Granbego” (member of the Arci, the biggest Italian Association of Social promotion), with the support of council of directors and volunteer members, have been managing the trekking shelter “La Sciverna”since July 2014.

It is located in the amazing Parco Regionale del Beigua (Regional Park of Beigua), the unique and mythical crossing point of the Alps, the Appennines, the plain and the sea.

The premises are very close to the trekking path Alta Via dei Monti Liguri and the famous and beautiful historic centre of Sassello. And it is a few kilometers away from the coast.

La Sciverna is open all the year, but booking is needed. The facilities are suitable both for individual tourists who want to visit the area and big groups, like students groups, communities, day centres, sport groups, and so on.

In order to buy meals from our kitchen and join our cultural activities, you need to be member of ARCI. You can become member paying 12 euros also once you are here – for more information visit the ARCI website.


Three buildings with double and triples rooms, and rooms for four persons, for up to 24 persons – there is the possibility to add more beds on demand.

Casa dei Cinghiali

2 rooms, 5 beds (plus more additional beds if needed). Private kitchen and bathroom.

Prices: 30 € per person per night. 20 € for children under 18 years. *

Casa del Custode

2 rooms (in the attic, attached, without door), 4 beds. Private kitchen and bathroom.

Prices: 30 € per person per night. 20 € for children under 18 years. *

Casa Sciverna Media

5 rooms, 15 beds (rooms with 3 or 4 beds), 2 shared bathrooms plus one shared bathroom for the disabled. Shared kitchen.

Prices: 21€ per person per night in bunk bed, 50 € if used as a double room.

Discounts on accommodation

  • Children under 3 years do not pay. We also offer discounts to children under 18.
  • 3 € discount for members of ARCI
  • 3 € discount if you do not need our bed sheets

Prices of other services

Use of the kitchen: 2 €

Breakfast with typical local products: 5 €

Meals (set menu, beverages included): 15 €. It is available only for member of ARCI.

Prices may vary in winter time according to heating expenses. Prices would be agreed according to the number of guests.

We can offer tailored offers for groups with a minimum of 10 persons that need a long stay.

Not only…

Laboratories, workshops, events, thematic days, excursions, activities in the vegetable gardens. But also hospitality, creativity and the chance to bring into being events where people meet each other and exchange experiences.

Holistic treatments

In August, holistic treatments for the wellbeing of body and mind.

Discounts for our guests

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