The Association Cascina Granbego

Cascina Granbego (origin of the name) has the aim of promoting cultural, artistic and research activities in different areas. Its main goal is supporting collective and shared projects, and events that make people meet each other.

The Association organises events and workshops related to wellness, in a tight relationship with art, nature and local identity. Moreover, it organises social-recreational activities with children, “green weeks”, didactic laboratories (e.g., how to bake bread, how to grow a vegetable garden, etc.), internships for sheltered groups, activities for the disabled, art therapy and horse therapy.

Events for all seasons

The Association Cascina Granbego is active all year around and offers an agenda full of events.

Workshops for adults and children

We are a cultural association: ask us the workshop available in this period!

Discover the territory!

Our association offer to their hosts some hikes with  certified environmental hiking guide. Contact us!

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Residential workshops of art and meditation

Our residential workshops are experiences to share, in a program aimed at the personal well-being.

Call to propose or get information about our workshops in theater, photography, mindfulness, yoga, thai yoga massage, decorative painting, engravings and many others. Visit also our website

Green weeks

Addressed to schools, associations, organizations, communities and groups in general, th “green weeks” have the goal to offer an opportunity for meaningful and complete experience to rediscover the direct contact with the nature and with the recreational and educational experiences related to it.

Our laboratories

Contact us for more information and to book the following workshops: how do the vegetable garden; how to make the bread; creative workshops; teaching farm; how to make the cheese; teaching beehive; sensory walks; horse riding; walking and cycling excursions even with a guide to discover the Beigua UNESCO Global Geopark; the discovery of the fossils; approach to the horse and baptism in the saddle; riding therapy.

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Shared vegetable gardens

We organise working groups for people interested in learning or teaching traditional and experimental cultivation techniques in order to spread the culture of the self production of food, provide guests and interested people with fresh, genuine, economic food – with no environmental impact (km 0).

Shared vegetable gardens at Rifugio Sciverna 1

Activities and internships for sheltered groups

For an enriching stay in their own life path or rehabilitation, staying outdoors is as important as stimulating individual capabilities through a deep connection with nature. The educator of Rifugio La Sciverna is open to adjust the schedule and organization of the activities according to the age and the need of the groups.


The Association Cascina Granbego organizes cultural and recreational activities in the premises of Rifugio La Sciverna and in other spots of Liguria.

Some of the past events: Passaggi d’arte and La città dei bambini in the historic center of Sassello, Bombe di semi in Palazzo Ducale (Genoa), Halloween in Cascina.

Arci membership

Being member of ARCI is not compulsory to stay in Rifugio La sciverna, but it is compulsory in order to buy meals from our kitchen. Please contact us if you need further information.

Thanks to new members, we get funds that let us reach all our goals. You can become a member of ARCI when you are in Rifugio La Sciverna. The fee is 12 euros. Being an ARCI member, you can get inside all the ARCI clubs in Italy, enjoy discounts in our premises and other Italian businesses that have an agreement with ARCI, and offers from ARCI to its own members.

Our statute

The goals of the Association are promoting cultural, artistic, recreational, sportive, touristic and helpful activities. In this way, the Association contributes to the cultural and civil growth of its own members and the whole community. And to a more complete human, civil and social development.